Ruins of Molaesmyr

Ruins of Molaesmyr

Deep within the twisted heart of the Savalirwood forest, just north of the Boreal Omen River, stands the haunting ruins of Molaesmyr, an ancient elven city steeped in tragedy and darkness.


The once majestic city, crafted with elven finesse to harmonize with the towering trees, now lies in desolation and decay. Overgrown bramble vines sprawl like malevolent tendrils, suffocating the streets and buildings, while a dense canopy of foliage casts an eerie twilight upon the forsaken land.

Molaesmyr's legacy is one of sorrow and terror. Abandoned by its scholarly inhabitants, the city has become a forsaken realm where corrupted fey creatures roam freely, fueled by maleficent energies emanating from the depths of the ruins. Fungal growths and sickly moss engulf the once grand halls of learning, turning them into ghastly spectacles of decay. The air is thick with a heavy fog that obscures the malevolence lurking around every corner.

The Ruins of Molaesmyr are believed to be the epicenter of the foul magics infecting the entire Savalirwood. Dark forces and undead spirits roam the cursed city, making it a place of dread and despair.

Legends speak of an underground labyrinth beneath the ruins, concealing the wellspring of the corrupted magic. Only the most courageous and valiant heroes would dare venture into this perilous maze to confront the source of the malevolence and put an end to the sinister influence that plagues the forest.

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