Stormwatch Priory: The Legacy of the Sirensong

Stormwatch Priory: The Legacy of the Sirensong

Adventurers are called by a secluded Priory of monks to seek out the legendary Trident of Tides even as other, more nefarious treasure hunters seek the same prize.


Download the zip file containing all of the assets for this adventure at the bottom of this post.

Designed for a party of 4 characters levels: 4-7

Adventure Summary:

A vicious storm has revealed the long-lost wreck of the Sirensong, a legendary ship rumored to carry a powerful artifact, the Trident of the Tides. The relic is said to have the power to control the seas and weather. At the behest of a priory of monks, the adventurers are drawn to Wreckers' Reef to recover the artifact before it falls into the wrong hands, racing against rival treasure hunters, traversing dangerous terrain, and exploring the ship’s haunted remnants.

Introduction to The Shattered Coast

The Shattered Coast is a rugged and volatile coastline located on the western edge of Eldervast, due west of the Wanderlust Plains. Characterized by its steep cliffs, rocky outcrops, and highland steppes, this region faces the brunt of the ocean's might. The climate is temperate but marked by frequent storms and strong sea winds, which have shaped the landscape over centuries, carving out caves and inlets and depositing driftwood and flotsam along the shores.

Sparse vegetation clings to life in the crevices of the rocks and on the more sheltered parts of the coast. Seagrasses and salt-tolerant plants dominate, along with occasional stunted trees twisted by the wind. The area is a haven for seabirds, which nest on the cliffs and islands. Marine life is abundant around the rocky shores and in tide pools including crabs, starfish, and mollusks. The highland steppes are marked with grassy knolls, wildflowers, and farms. Legends say that the Shattered Coast is frequented by sirens and sea dragons, drawn by the tumultuous waters and hidden coves.

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