The Biting North

The Biting North

The Greying Wildlands and Eiselcross make up what is known as the Biting North. These independent territories are free from Empire rule thanks in no small part to their inhospitable climates.


In the northernmost reaches of Wildemount, the regions of the Greying Wildands and Eiselcross comprise what has become known as the Biting North. The Greying Wildlands is home to a unique and treacherous terrain whose landscape is characterized by dense forests, rolling mountains, and icy tundra that stretches for miles. It is separated from the south by the peaks of the Dunrock Mountains and the Quannah Breach. The Dwendalian Empire has struggled to expand into this region, leaving the inhabitants to fend for themselves in a harsh environment where outsiders and savage hunters roam unchecked.

The Greying Wildlands have long been a source of mystery and intrigue for the people of Wildemount. The vast, desolate expanse of the landscape is believed to hold many secrets, including powerful relics and forgotten magic. The few adventurers who have dared to explore the region have returned with tales of perilous encounters with strange creatures and ancient ruins. Despite the dangers, some still seek to unlock the secrets of the Greying Wildlands and uncover the treasures that lie within.

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North of the Greying Wildlands, in the icy waters of the Frigid Depths, lies a collection of islands that are even more treacherous and mysterious. The islands of Eiselcross are shrouded in danger and have been dismissed by most of the world as uninhabitable wastelands. However, rumors persist of powerful relics and hidden civilizations lurking amidst the ice.

The Biting North has become a destination for adventurers seeking to test their mettle and explore the unknown. Despite the risks, many are drawn to the promise of uncovering ancient artifacts and discovering the secrets of this frozen wilderness. The harsh climate and unforgiving terrain of the region make survival a constant struggle, and those who venture into the Biting North must be prepared to face the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Despite the Dwendalian Empire's efforts, the Greying Wildlands remain unconquered. Within the majestic Floktet Alps, the Dwarven citadel of Uthodurn provides a safe haven to its residents which today include the Elven refugees who survived the fall of Molaesmyr.

North of Uthodurn, in the heart of the Floktet Alps, the snowy landscape is defiantly interrupted by the black and ever-smoldering volcano of Kravaarad.

The towering mountain emits a steady stream of dark smoke and steam as molten rock cools against the frigid terrain. Though the mountain continuously produces glowing lava from multiple vents, major eruptions are infrequent. The heat generated by the lava sustains a pair of freshwater lakes nearby, known as the Mistpools, ensuring a year-round source of liquid water in an otherwise frozen landscape. As a result, Kravaraad serves as a significant landmark for travelers navigating the treacherous region.

Cinderrest Sanctum is a cavern of onyx that lies concealed on the eastern slopes of Kravaraad, featuring a central pool of lava that never cools. The spacious chamber is adorned with black iron decorations and supports, engraved with runes that tell tales of the dwarves. Carved reliefs depict the dwarven deity Melora gifting stone and ore from beneath the earth to Moradin the All-Hammer, who in turn uses them to construct grand halls and powerful guardians.

If Uthodurn can be considered an unofficial "capital" of the northern regions of Wildemount, it stands reasonable that it would set up outposts throughout the Greying Wildlands and Eiselcross.

Palebank Village stands on the cold northern shoreline of the Frigid Depths. It is the first outpost that Uthodurn set up outside of the Floktet Alps. Palebank Village is situated under a cliffside on the boundaries of the Crystalsands Tundra. Palebank is known for its fishing, trapping, and hunting economies and serves as a port for caravans to conduct business and restock supplies.

On the Isle of Foren, the largest of Eiselcross's seven islands, Uthodurnian outposts scout the untamed arctic wilderness.

Syrinlya is a tight-knit community of like-minded adventurers who have come together to explore the Biting North in search of riches and adventure. While there are few formal rules or laws, there is a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support among the explorers, stemming from the shared values of their mountain home in Uthodurn.

Aeorian relics are said to be scattered throughout Eiselcross as a result of the crash of the once great city-state of Aeor. Before the Calamity, Aeor was a flying city of arcane magic. Today, its remains lie impacted into the glacial landscape of Foren.

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