The Brinehart Coven

The Brinehart Coven

In the mist-shrouded Brackish Brinelands lies the stilted village of Sodden Hollow, where a missing child may be the catalyst for a dangerous ritual being planned by a coven of hags.


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Sodden Hollow is a village in a growing state of decay. The surrounding marshlands known as The Bogmire have been slowly encroaching into its borders for years and some of the village has already succumbed to its treacherous waters.

One stalwart resident of this village, a widower and father named Eboric, has his life turned upside down when his beloved daughter Alina goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Eboric enlists the adventurers to uncover her fate and bring her back.

Unbeknownst to them, Alina's disappearance may be tied to her (presumed) dead mother and the dark legacy of the Brinehart Coven. Two powerful hags harbor sinister plans for Alina while a third, Sabel Brinehart, is torn between her love for her daughter, the traumas of her own past, and the temptation of elevated power within her coven.

This quest sets heroes on a path fraught with dark witchcraft and ancient secrets. As the sinister plots of the Brinehart Coven unfold, the adventurers must navigate treacherous marshes, uncover hidden truths, and confront a malevolent force threatening to engulf the land.

Designed for a party of 4 characters levels: 5-8

Introduction to the Brackish Brinelands

Situated on the western coast of Eldervast, the Brackish Brinelands is a region of extensive wetlands characterized by their brackish water—a mix of fresh and seawater. This zone is a complex network of marshes, bogs, and slow-moving waterways, with the land perpetually soaked and muddy. The climate is consistently cool to mild, with temperatures ranging between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, contributing to the ever-present mists that shroud the landscape.

The Brackish Brinelands are teeming with life, supported by the rich nutrients found in the wet soil. The flora includes dense reeds, cattails, and a variety of moss-covered trees, creating a lush, green environment that is both beautiful and treacherous. The fauna is diverse, with amphibians like frogs and salamanders thriving alongside a variety of waterfowl, fish, and predators such as otters, crocodiles, and snakes.

The inhabitants of the Brackish Brinelands are diverse, with small communities that have adapted to life in the wetlands. These settlements are scattered throughout the Brinelands, living in stilted houses or floating homes that rise above the water. Culture is deeply connected to the water, with traditions and livelihoods centered around fishing, foraging, and the crafting of goods from the resources provided by the marshes.

Act 1: The Vanishing in Sodden Hollow


The somber, salt-stained docks and run-down homes of Sodden Hollow bear the scars of its battle against the encroaching swamp and the shadows that lurk within. The once-thriving community, vibrant with the chatter of fishermen and the laughter of children, now whispers tales of loss and mystery through its fog-shrouded lanes.

The stilted homes, designed to protect against the frequent floods, lean precariously, some abandoned and slowly succumbing to rot and the gentle, insistent pull of the Bogmire.

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