The Great Ombu Summit

The Great Ombu Summit

In the sprawling, golden pastures of the Wanderlust Plains, two centaur clans, the Ombu and Pampas, prepare for a crucial summit under the shadow of the Great Ombu Tree.


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The Ombu Clan, devoted to the gentle goddess Verda, values the natural cycles of life and agriculture. The Pampas Clan worships Karma, the goddess of justice and balance, and seeks to restore harmony in times of disruption. Recently, their lands have been plagued by drought and pestilence, prompting them to convene the Great Ombu Summit. It is at this summit that the Ombu and Pampas clans, along with other nomadic centaur and representatives of foreign settlements will seek ways to work together to restore the land and prevent any future calamities within the Wanderlust Plains. Unknown to any, a lone centaur warlock named Mordai is a clandestine follower of Doli, the malevolent god of corruption and deceit. His intentions are far from benign, as he plans to exploit the summit to incite conflict between the clans, hoping to further his own chaotic ends and appease his god.

Designed for a party of 4 characters levels: 5-8

Introduction to the Wanderlust Plains

The Wanderlust Plains located south of the Verdant Weald and along the western coast of Eldervast, are a sea of golden pastures that stretch endlessly under the vast expanse of the sky. The primarily flat landscape was once called the “Breadbasket of Eldervast” providing grain, corn, and porcine goods and supplies to the surrounding regions and capital of Eldervast, the Kingdom of Brightcrown. Found throughout the Wanderlust Plains are farms of grain, herds of wild swine, the Great Ombu tree, and a mysterious lighthouse off the coast. At night, the plains transform, the sky ablaze with stars, guiding the way for those who traverse these open lands.

The Wanderlust Plains is a sprawling expanse of grasslands, open plains, rolling hills, and farms characterized by its golden-hued grasses that sway in the wind. The climate is mostly dry with its primary freshwater source being the Levi Loch, a basin fed by the twin rivers running from the region of Saltspray Swamp to the west. A dam stands near the abandoned Tower of Veil to prevent the loch from overflowing when the waters of the river flow strongest. A brief wet season brings intense rains, rejuvenating the landscape and filling scattered watering holes to the west. The terrain is mostly flat or gently rolling, offering unobstructed views of the vast sky and distant horizons.

The region is dominated by tall, golden grasses, wildflowers, and scattered ombu trees, providing a picturesque landscape. The region teems with wildlife, including coteries of prairie dogs, herds of boar, packs of coyotes, herds of wild horses, and flocks of vultures. 

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