Tides of Retribution - ReinKarnated

Tides of Retribution - ReinKarnated

Tides of Retribution ReinKarnated is a map and AI art pack meant to enhance the starter adventure for a new party embarking on adventures in the Menagerie Coast.


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Palma Flora village is renowned for its lush greenery, competitive shark-hunting competitions, and a delectable cocktail named after the village. Unfortunately, a small group of about a dozen sahuagin residing in the Sharkfeather Abyss, an oceanic trench just off the village's west coast, have become tired of the shark hunters' incessant tournaments. Despite attacking the hunters each year to ruin their events, the sahuagin's limited numbers have resulted in their continuous defeat by the hunters and the village's hired mercenaries. However, a recent incident has disrupted the status quo.

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Earthquake and Sahuagin Attack

The adventure begins prior to this Sahuagin attack. In my own campaign, I actually began it the night before, making use of the Palma Flora Isle nighttime variant. This gives our party time to get to know a few NPCs, enjoy a night of relaxation and set a mood that will be in stark contrast to the events about to unfold the following morning.

The town Palma Flora is situated on the southernmost point of the Vezdali Peninsula. The majority of residents, shop owners, and merchants live and work to the north of Flora Isle on the mainland. This can be accessed via a wooden bridge that connects Palma Flora to the southern Flora Isle resort.

Flora Isle, the home of the port and a glistening beach is a familiar destination for most tourists. The majority of vacationers stay at the Riptide Inn and Tavern, enjoying fruity drinks while observing the shark hunters train on the southern shore. The island is separated from the remainder of the peninsula by a broad channel, which is bridged by a wooden bridge. Most Palma Flora residents live and work in the northern region of the community and retire to the southern island after a hard day's work.

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