Trostenwald, the southernmost settlement of the Dwendalian Empire, is a place where the art of brewing has been honed to perfection for over two centuries.


Nestled on the banks of the Ustaloch, this once rural borough is now known throughout the empire for producing some of the most unique and coveted ales in the land.

The settlement's brewing economy was born from the region's fair weather and fertile grain fields, giving rise to three major families of brewers and alewives who earned fame throughout the empire. Today, ordering a "trost" is a common request in many taverns, as the sweet and distinctive ale has become the flagship export for the settlement, causing tensions between competing families who fight for dominance over farmland and promotion of their products.

The simple homes, fishing huts, and competing breweries that make up Trostenwald form a kidney-shaped layout around the western end of the Ustaloch. Travelers from the south find Trostenwald a charming and welcoming introduction to the empire.

The settlement is divided into three main sections. The Northward borders the grain fields and houses the privately owned breweries and local industries. The Lochward forms the eastern portion of the settlement, comprising residential neighborhoods and lakeside fishing communities. The southwest region is the Hillward, where the affluent and noble-blooded live among the guild halls, easily protected by the nearby Crownsguard barracks.

For those seeking a taste of Trostenwald's famous ales or a glimpse into the heart of the Dwendalian brewing industry, this settlement is not to be missed.