Uthodurn, the northernmost dwarven stronghold of Wildemount, is nestled in a steep mountain valley among the icy peaks of the Flotket Alps.


For nearly eight hundred years, the dwarves of Uthodurn have braved the freezing temperatures and continuous snowfall of the surrounding wildlands. They are secluded people with a sharp wit, a hairier appearance than their southern brethren, and an unyielding nature as strong as the rock they call home.

Despite their stubborn traditions, the Queen of Uthodurn opened the city's doors to thousands of elven refugees following the destruction of Molaesmyr almost three centuries ago. While there have been occasional conflicts between the two cultures due to ancient grudges, the society within the fire-warmed stone halls has grown into a unique union of both dwarven and elven cultures.

The wildlands outside the iron doors of Uthodurn's underground stronghold are unforgivingly cold and relentlessly battered by cutting winds. However, the people of Uthodurn have learned to survive in this unforgiving environment. They hunt and track like sudden flurries of snow, stalking the wild white bison and cliffneck goats that roam the Flotket Alps.

The Flotket Alps
Crystalsands Tundra
Savalirwood Forest

What sets Uthodurn apart is the unique convergence of dwarven and elven lifestyles and traditions. This convergence has given rise to exceptional collaborations resulting in innovative crafts and solutions to the region's challenges.

The entrance to the city of Uthodurn

Dwarven carving techniques have merged with elven arcane knowledge to enhance architecture and excavation capabilities, while historical knowledge of local vegetation has been combined with refined herbalism to cultivate and grow crops resistant to the cold. The crafting and smithing techniques of both cultures have intermingled to produce Uthodurnian goods that are highly prized beyond the Greying Wildlands.

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