Vergesson Sanatorium

Vergesson Sanatorium

This once colossal prison has been transformed into a haven of healing. Renamed Vergesson Sanatorium, this expansive manor, nestled within sprawling gardens, now welcomes primarily well-off patients to luxuriate amidst exquisite artwork.


Assembled by the Cerberus Assembly, the sanatorium serves as a sanctuary for those grappling with dire physical and mental ailments. Guided by the steadfast hand of Director Gertrude Wagner, the institution operates under the Crown's vigilant gaze. For those in need and possessing the means, its doors offer salvation. Yet, veiled within the mansion's benevolence, a shadowed abyss awaits, concealed as a purgatory for those who defy the political current.

While the reputation of the Vergesson Sanatorium is sterling, it hides dark secrets. The original purpose of the Archevault Prison was never fully discarded, and a number of vocal critics of the Crown have disappeared from the streets of Rexxentrum.

Deep beneath the floors of the estate lie hidden chambers and cells that house enemies of the king, foreign spies, and traitors to the Crown privately sentenced by Prime Arbiter Sydnock Truscan. There, they are subjected to experiments conducted in secret under the supervision of Master Trent Ikithon of the Cerberus Assembly.

A tower on the northern outskirts of the grounds acts as Trent's summer home, where he houses and trains the prospective members of his Volstruckers, an elite group of spies and assassins who use magic to do the assembly's dirty work.

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