Nestled deep within the heart of the formidable Cyrios Mountains, the hidden cliffside settlement of Vol'antim stands as a testament to seclusion.


Safely ensconced beneath an unreachable precipice that towers over a thousand feet, defying any mere mortal's ascent amidst the treacherous landscape of jagged rocks and untamed brush, it is here that the aarakocra find their sanctuary. Veiled from prying eyes, these noble beings prefer the solace of their mountainous realm, ever watchful for unwelcome intruders who dare to disturb their hallowed domain.

Proudly embracing their isolationism, the inhabitants of Vol'antim hold fast to the ancient ways bestowed upon them by Melora, the Wild Mother. Through countless generations, they have carved their abodes into the very cliffs of the mountains, a testament to their harmonious coexistence with the rugged terrain. Adorned with vibrant banners, over a hundred caves punctuate the landscape, marking the entrances to the intricate labyrinth of tunnels that wind their way towards a vast and wondrous cavern, the heart and soul of the thriving town. Within this cavernous expanse, the essence of Vol'antim thrives, a bastion of tradition and reverence for the Wild Mother.

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