Zadash, once the grand capital of the Julous Dominion, now stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Dwendalian Empire.


For nearly two centuries, Zadash has served as the bustling crossroads of the southern region, a smaller sibling to the mighty Rexxentrum. Within its labyrinthine streets, a constant dance unfolds, welcoming noble diplomats, countless trade caravans, and swift messengers from the far reaches of Western Wildemount and the vibrant Menagerie Coast. The city's governance lies in the hands of powerful merchant lords and ladies, whose influence extends through the guilds that hold dominion over the bustling markets.

Zadash, a beacon of order, refinement, and military prowess, stands firm in the Marrow Valley, a bastion that gazes upon the lesser townships that often evade imperial scrutiny. Within its walls, the prestigious Hall of Erudition finds its abode, an extension of the illustrious Soltryce Academy and a stronghold of power for the Cerberus Assembly.

The Pentamarket is the bustling heart of commerce, a massive bazaar that rests at the junction of the city's five main roads.

As a common haven for travelers venturing to and from Rexxentrum, the city presents a plethora of diversions and pleasures to indulge in. Moreover, it houses the largest military force in the southern reaches of the empire, a formidable shield against any threat that may dare to encroach upon its borders.

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