Dawn of the Crimson Hand - Part 2

Dawn of the Crimson Hand - Part 2

In the conclusion of Dawn of the Crimson Hand, the party returns to the Kingdom of Brightcrown to determine how the uprising of the Crimson Hand should be dealt with.


Download the zip file containing all of the assets for this adventure at the bottom of this post.

Level Range: 3-5

Setting: The Kingdom of Brightcrown

Recap from Part 1 of Dawn of the Crimson Hand:

Part 1 of Dawn of the Crimson Hand began with the adventurers in the capital city of Brightcrown for various purposes. While traveling the streets, whispers and rumors were heard regarding a potential uprising of a faction called the Crimson Hand. The adventurers found themselves immersed in the mystery and intrigue surrounding the rumors and traveled across the various wards of the capital and to the nearby village of Greenbranch to investigate. Part 1 concluded with the adventurers learning the name of the leader of the Crimson Hand, and how far this conflict reaches outside Brightcrown's walls and affects the livelihood, economy, and residents of the surrounding areas. With the information gathered thus far, the party now embarks on returning to the capital from Greenbranch, to witness how the other half lives and survives and to continue gathering crucial information before deciding their course of action.

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The Kingdom of Brightcrown

The Kingdom of Brightcrown stands as a beacon of human civilization. Cradled by the formidable embrace of rugged mountains to the north and bordered by the lush expanse of the Verdant Weald to the south, Brightcrown stands as a passageway to the greater expanses of Eldervast. The city is divided into distinctive wards, each with its own character—from the opulent Crownheart Ward, pulsing with political power and regal majesty, to the bustling Market Ward, where trade flourishes and cultures converge.

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