Mirehaven's Curse: A Quest into the Soggygrove Swamp

Mirehaven's Curse: A Quest into the Soggygrove Swamp

Mirehaven is an isolated town on the outskirts of the Soggygrove Swamp. In this adventure, the party is hired to retrieve a rare herb that grows only in Soggygrove Swamp. The herb is rumored to have powerful healing properties and the merchant is offering a large sum for its retrieval.


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Mirehaven, a town shrouded in mystery and danger, is nestled on the outskirts of the foreboding Soggygrove Swamp. The town itself is small, its buildings worn and weathered, giving off an air of desolation and decay. The winding, fog-filled streets are lined with flickering lanterns, casting eerie shadows on the dilapidated structures. The townsfolk are a tight-knit community, hardened by their isolation and suspicion of outsiders. Rumors swirl among them, speaking of strange occurrences and dark secrets lurking in the swamp.

The Soggygrove Swamp stretches out for miles, its murky waters and treacherous marshlands teeming with monstrous creatures and hidden perils. The swamp's dense vegetation and foreboding mist make it a challenging and unforgiving environment to navigate. Within its depths lie forgotten ruins, remnants of a time long past, holding untold treasures and ancient secrets. But the swamp guards its secrets fiercely, testing the courage and resourcefulness of those who dare to venture into its depths.

Adventure Summary

The adventurers are hired by a wealthy merchant named Sebastian Greycastle to retrieve a rare herb that grows only in the marshes surrounding Mirehaven. The herb, known to Sebastian as 'Verdant Everleaf', is rumored to have powerful healing properties, but it is guarded by the powerful swamp hag, Morvessa the Mire Witch, who demands a steep price for its collection.

The first step in the adventure is to navigate the treacherous swamp and find Morvessa's lair. The adventurers must be careful to avoid dangerous creatures that lurk in the murky waters, such as giant leeches and carnivorous plants.

Once they reach the swamp hag's lair, the adventurers must negotiate with her to obtain the Verdant Everleaf. Morvessa demands that they perform a task for her in exchange for the powerful herb. Her task is to retrieve a magical artifact that she calls 'The Amulet of Eternity' from a nearby ruin that was lost in the swamp centuries ago.

The adventurers must then navigate through the ruin, which is filled with traps and undead creatures. Once they retrieve the artifact, they must return it to the Morvessa to then obtain the Verdant Everleaf.

Upon successfully retrieving the Amulet of Eternity and returning it to Morvessa the Mire Witch, the adventurers discover a hidden truth about the Verdant Everleaf. The herb itself is not cursed, but it possesses a hidden property that reveals the true nature of individuals who consume it.

As the adventurers bring the herb back to Mirehaven, they find the townsfolk succumbing to their darkest desires and impulses after ingesting it. The herb acts as a powerful truth serum, amplifying and manifesting the innermost secrets and intentions of those who consume it.

Unbeknownst to Sebastian Greycastle, he had been misled by Morvessa about the true nature of the herb. Morvessa intended to use the herb's effects to expose the greed and corruption within the town and bring about chaos and discord, ultimately seeking to dominate Mirehaven. However, now that Morvessa is in possession of the Amulet of Eternity, she may be more interested in removing her own curse and returning to her natural form than continuing her plot against Mirehaven.

Realizing the danger the Verdant Everleaf poses to the town, the adventurers must decide whether to intervene. They have the choice to confront Morvessa, attempting to subdue or banish her from Mirehaven and prevent further harm. Alternatively, they can work with the townsfolk, using their combined strength and newfound knowledge to resist the herb's effects and restore harmony to the community.

Remember to adapt the details and challenges of this adventure to align with the abilities and choices of the players, providing them with opportunities for exploration, role-playing, and strategic decision-making.

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The NPCs

Sebastian Greycastle is a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair, dressed in fine clothing that reflects his status as a wealthy merchant. He carries an air of sophistication and confidence, with piercing blue eyes that seem to miss nothing. Despite his polished appearance, there's a hint of weariness in his expression, as if burdened by hidden troubles.

Sebastian Greycastle

Background: Sebastian hails from a prosperous trading family and has built a successful business empire in Zadash. He possesses an astute business sense and is known for his shrewd negotiations. Sebastian's charm and wit have allowed him to amass wealth and connections, making him one of the most influential figures in the region.

Motivation: Sebastian is driven by his insatiable ambition and desire for power. He heard about the Verdant Everleaf that grows in Soggygrove Swamp as an opportunity to further elevate his status and influence and made the journey to Mirehaven to set up a small shop from which he strategizes how he may procure it. He believes that harnessing the herb's healing properties will not only bring him riches but also enable him to usurp control of the town and its inhabitants and expand his business empire into Mirehaven permanently.

Personality: Sebastian is charismatic and persuasive, able to convince others to see things his way. He is adept at hiding his true intentions behind a veneer of benevolence and generosity. However, beneath his smooth exterior lies a cunning and manipulative individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Role in the Quest: Sebastian hires the adventurers to retrieve the Verdant Everleaf from the swamp, offering a generous reward for their services. He presents himself as a noble benefactor, expressing concern for the town's well-being and the healing properties the herb could bring. However, it is later revealed that Sebastian has struck a dark alliance with the swamp hag, Morvessa the Mire Witch, to use the herb's cursed properties to his advantage, ultimately seeking control over Mirehaven.

Interactions: When initially meeting the adventurers, Sebastian exudes charm and graciousness, seeking to win their trust. He provides them with information about the swamp and emphasizes the importance of retrieving the herb for the town's benefit. He tells them that he learned of Morvessa in his research on where to procure the Verdant Everleaf. Sebastian is a businessman and not an adventurer, thus he is more than willing to pay to have the dangerous work of confronting Morvessa to those more suited to the task. As the quest progresses, the adventurers may start to uncover hints of Sebastian's true intentions, leading to a confrontation or a moral dilemma about whether to side with him or break the curse he has brought upon the town.

Morvessa the Mire Witch appears as a decrepit, hunchbacked hag with matted hair, mossy skin, and piercing, luminous eyes that reflect the swamp's eerie glow. She often wears tattered, dark robes adorned with symbols of forgotten rituals and ancient runes. Morvessa speaks in a raspy voice, her words laced with both wisdom and malice, as she toys with the emotions and desires of those who seek her aid.

Morvessa the Mire Witch

Background: Long ago, Morvessa was a young and curious druidess named Lyra who had a deep connection to the natural world. She lived on the outskirts of Mirehaven, dedicating her life to studying the intricate balance of the Soggygrove Swamp. Lyra possessed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and sought to unlock the swamp's secrets. However, her relentless pursuit of power and forbidden magics led her down a dark path. Desperate to uncover ancient, forbidden rituals, Lyra made a pact with a malevolent entity that dwelled within the heart of the swamp. The entity granted her the power she sought, but in exchange, it twisted her into a hag, forever bound to the swamp and its murky depths.

Motivations: Morvessa exists in a constant state of conflict within herself. She is torn between her original aspirations for knowledge and the twisted nature of her hag form. Her motivations revolve around two key aspects:

  1. Guardian of Secrets: Morvessa, as the guardian of the swamp's deepest secrets, seeks to maintain control over the knowledge and power held within the marshes. She manipulates and bargains with those who seek her aid, using her vast knowledge of ancient rituals, dark magic, and the swamp's hidden treasures to keep others under her sway.
  2. Desire for Freedom: Despite her current state, Morvessa yearns to break free from the shackles that bind her to the swamp and regain her former self. She hopes to find a way to reverse the curse and reclaim her lost humanity. In this quest for freedom, she is willing to strike deals with unsuspecting individuals, offering them powerful artifacts or secrets in exchange for the means to break her own curse.

Personality: Morvessa possesses a complex and intriguing personality. She is a master manipulator, adept at playing on the desires, fears, and weaknesses of others. With her knowledge of the swamp's secrets, ancient rituals, and dark magic, she skillfully weaves intricate webs of deception. Morvessa is calculating in her every move, meticulously planning her actions to achieve her goals. She is cunning and intelligent, always staying one step ahead of her adversaries. Despite her twisted form, Morvessa carries an air of enigmatic charm, able to lure unsuspecting individuals into her grasp. Her motivations are driven by a mix of a thirst for power and a deep yearning to break free from the curse that binds her to the swamp. This duality within her fuels her desire to control the Verdant Everleaf's properties and exploit them for her own ends. Morvessa's personality is a blend of darkness and hidden depths, leaving those who encounter her both intrigued and wary of her true intentions.

Role in the quest: Morvessa the Mire Witch plays a pivotal role in the quest as a mysterious and manipulative figure who holds vital information and possesses the power to aid or hinder the adventurers. Tasked with retrieving the rare herb, the party must negotiate with Morvessa, who demands a steep price for its collection. She offers them a deal, requiring them to retrieve the Amulet of Eternity from a nearby ruin. Morvessa's true intentions slowly unfold as the adventurers discover her desire to maintain control over the herb's properties and exploit them for her own ends. They must navigate the treacherous swamp, face fearsome creatures and traps, and make difficult choices regarding Morvessa's influence, ultimately determining the fate of the town of Mirehaven and its inhabitants.

Interactions: Interactions with Morvessa the Mire Witch are a delicate dance between intrigue, danger, and uncertainty. Her presence is suffused with an air of enigmatic charm and a palpable sense of underlying darkness. Conversations with her can be tense, as she veils her true intentions behind a façade of reluctant assistance, subtly probing the adventurers' motivations and vulnerabilities. Her raspy voice carries a mixture of wisdom and malice, as she toys with their emotions and desires. The adventurers find themselves caught in her intricate web of manipulation, never quite sure if they can trust her words or if they are being led further into her clutches. Every interaction with Morvessa is a test of wit, resilience, and moral fortitude, as the adventurers must navigate her cryptic riddles and make choices that have far-reaching consequences.

Key items of the quest

Verdant Everleaf

The Verdant Everleaf is a small, vibrant green herb with delicate leaves and a subtle, floral fragrance. It grows exclusively in the northeastern reaches of the treacherous marshes of Soggygrove Swamp. Its presence is rare and elusive, and Morvessa the Mire Witch has managed has built her home at the heart of where the herb grows, seizing control over its growth and cultivation.

Healing Properties: The Verdant Everleaf possesses unique and potent healing properties. When consumed or applied as a salve, it can mend wounds and ailments more effectively than any ordinary herb. Some of its specific healing properties include:

  1. Swift Regeneration: The herb accelerates the body's natural healing process, allowing wounds to close and mend at an accelerated rate. Superficial cuts and injuries heal within minutes, while deeper wounds can show significant improvement within hours.
  2. Restorative Vitality: Ingesting the Verdant Everleaf rejuvenates the body, restoring stamina and vitality. It alleviates fatigue and revitalizes the spirit, providing a surge of energy that can sustain an individual through times of physical or mental exhaustion.
  3. Purifying Aura: The herb possesses purifying properties that can neutralize toxins and cleanse the body. When consumed, it aids in detoxification, purging harmful substances from the system and revitalizing organs.
  4. Revitalizing Aura: The herb emits a faint, restorative aura that brings tranquility and healing to those in its vicinity. In the presence of the Verdant Everleaf, individuals experience a soothing, calming effect that promotes mental clarity, emotional balance, and even mild pain relief.
  5. Resistance Boost: Regular usage of the herb strengthens the body's natural defenses, boosting the immune system and making individuals more resilient against diseases and infections.

The Verdant Everleaf's healing properties make it highly sought after, not only by the wealthy merchant, Sebastian Greycastle, but also by those who yearn for relief from injuries or illnesses. These properties, coupled with its unique side effects and extreme rarity, add an additional layer of complexity to the quest. The herb also acts as a powerful truth serum, amplifying and manifesting the innermost secrets and intentions of those who consume it.

Feel free to adjust the specifics of the Verdant Everleaf's healing properties and side effects to fit the desired power level and balance of your game.

The Amulet of Eternity

The Amulet of Eternity is a radiant, golden pendant adorned with intricate engravings that depict ancient symbols of life and nature. The center of the amulet holds a small, shimmering gem that seems to contain a swirling essence of vibrant energy. It emits a faint, otherworldly glow, casting a soft light in its surroundings.

Legends tell that the Amulet of Eternity was created by an ancient druidic sect known as the Circle of Endless Growth. This circle, once devoted to preserving the delicate balance of life, sought to capture and harness the essence of eternal growth and vitality. The amulet was their crowning achievement, said to possess the power to rejuvenate the most withered of souls and restore life to the land.

Morvessa desires the Amulet of Eternity to augment her own powers and break the curse that binds her to the swamp. The amulet's legendary ability to restore life and vitality aligns with her yearning for freedom from her hag form. She believes that the amulet's potent magic can reverse the effects of her curse and restore her lost humanity.

The adventurers will need to navigate through the treacherous ruins within the swamp to locate the hidden chamber where the Amulet of Eternity is said to reside. They may encounter ancient traps, undead guardians, and cryptic puzzles as they delve deeper into the ruins. Obtaining the amulet will require both cunning and bravery.

However, the true nature of the Amulet of Eternity remains a mystery. It may hold unforeseen consequences or require a sacrifice for its power to be fully harnessed. The adventurers will need to carefully consider whether fulfilling Morvessa's request is in their best interest or if it aligns with their own moral compass.

Remember to adjust the powers and abilities of the Amulet of Eternity to match the desired strength and balance within your campaign, ensuring it remains a significant artifact with meaningful implications for the adventurers and the story.

Locations of the Swamp

Soggygrove Swamp

As the adventurers step into the Soggygrove Swamp, a thick, heavy mist engulfs their surroundings, casting an eerie, otherworldly glow upon the murky waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. The air hangs heavy with a damp, earthy scent, mingled with the pungent odor of decaying vegetation. Strange, ethereal sounds whisper through the tangled branches, like ghostly voices carried on a gentle breeze.

This DM's version of the Soggygrove Swamp shows the key locations the party will be looking for. There is an unlabeled PC version of the map in the zip file at the bottom of this post. I strongly recommend using a 'fog-of-war' layer on your VTT to add to the mysteries of what the swamp hold, revealing areas slowing as your adventurers progress through the swamp.

The ground beneath their feet yields with each step as if the swamp itself resists intrusion. Half-sunken trees rise like skeletal sentinels, their twisted branches reaching out like gnarled claws, seemingly warning of the dangers that lie within. Vines and moss drape from the gnarled trunks, weaving a shroud of mystery and concealment.

Serpentine waterways wind their way through the labyrinthine expanse, their still surfaces broken only by the occasional ripple or disturbance from unseen creatures beneath. Giant lily pads, their vibrant leaves resting atop the water's surface, provide precarious platforms for those brave enough to navigate them.

Lair of Morvessa the Mire Witch

As the adventurers approach Morvessa's lair, a sense of dread and anticipation hangs heavy in the air. The surroundings transform into a haunting tableau of twisted trees, their gnarled branches reaching out like skeletal fingers as if warning intruders to turn back. The once-murky swamp water grows stagnant and opaque, reflecting the dim light that permeates the lair.

A low mist blankets the area, obscuring the path ahead and creating an eerie, ethereal atmosphere. Faint, flickering lights dance in the gloom, casting long, wavering shadows that seem to whisper secrets from the corners of their vision. The air is heavy with a pungent scent of decay, mingled with the acrid odor of arcane rituals.

The entrance to Morvessa's lair is a dilapidated and overgrown structure, partially swallowed by the swamp's encroaching tendrils. The walls are covered in damp moss, and the floor is slick with the remnants of stagnant water. The echoes of dripping water reverberate through the chambers, lending an unsettling rhythm to the silence.

Within the structure, dark alcoves hold remnants of long-forgotten rituals, with faded symbols etched upon the walls. The air is heavy with the weight of ancient magic, its presence tangible in the very fabric of the surroundings.

In the heart of the lair, a dimly lit chamber reveals itself, dominated by an ancient and ornate cauldron. Its flickering flames cast a macabre dance of light and shadow upon the walls. Shelves line the room, holding jars of mysterious ingredients and tomes filled with forbidden knowledge. Strange artifacts, both mundane and magical, are scattered about, testaments to Morvessa's twisted desires.

Morvessa's lair is a place where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. It exudes an aura of malevolence, filled with secrets, dark magic, and the remnants of forgotten lore. As the adventurers venture in, they must steel themselves against the oppressive ambiance and confront the unsettling presence of the Mire Witch herself.

Ruined Watchtower

As the adventurers stumble upon the ruined stone watchtower in the heart of the Soggygrove Swamp, a haunting sense of history permeates the air. The tower stands as a crumbling sentinel, its once grand structure now weathered and worn by the passage of time. Vines and moss cling tenaciously to its weathered stones, intertwining with the cracks and crevices, as if nature itself seeks to claim the tower for its own.

The tower's entrance, framed by a crumbling archway, reveals a long-forgotten interior. The air is heavy with the scent of damp earth and decay, mingling with the faint whispers of ghostly echoes. The floor is strewn with rubble and fallen debris, remnants of a forgotten era.

The ruined stone watchtower stands as a testament to a forgotten era, an outpost now lost to time and swallowed by the encroaching swamp. Its crumbling walls and weathered remnants hold secrets of the past, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture into its decaying embrace.

Forgotten Ruins

The forgotten ruins that house the legendary Amulet of Eternity lie hidden deep within the Soggygrove Swamp, their crumbling walls a stark contrast against the encroaching wilderness. As the adventurers step into the ruins, an eerie stillness hangs in the air, broken only by the faint echoes of their own footsteps.

The corridors wind like a labyrinth, their stone walls bearing the weight of centuries. Torches long extinguished leave the passageways cloaked in darkness, with faint beams of sunlight piercing through cracks and broken arches, casting ethereal patterns upon the worn stone floors. The air is heavy with a sense of ancient mystery and foreboding.

One room, adorned with faded murals and crumbling statues, tells a fragmentary story of a forgotten civilization. The walls depict long-lost heroes and legendary battles, their significance lost to time. Cracked pedestals reveal the remnants of shattered artifacts, once treasured but now mere remnants of a glorious past.

Another chamber holds the remnants of a grand library, its shelves long since decayed, leaving only scattered scrolls and crumbling tomes. Whispering pages and the faint scent of aged parchment still linger, invoking a sense of knowledge lost but waiting to be rediscovered.

The path leads to a treacherous corridor lined with cunning traps. Pressure plates trigger hidden spikes from the walls, pendulum blades swing perilously from the ceiling, and hidden pits threaten to swallow the unwary. Each step forward requires careful observation and quick thinking to avoid these deadly snares.

Finally, the adventurers reach the heart of the ruins, where an imposing chamber awaits. Illuminated by a single shaft of sunlight, a pedestal stands in the center, cradling the legendary Amulet of Eternity. The chamber is guarded not by physical traps or creatures, but by an ethereal aura of ancient magic. The amulet emanates a faint glow, its power palpable and awe-inspiring.

However, as the adventurers approach, the amulet's guardians awaken—a pair of spectral sentinels, the remnants of long-departed warriors. Their spectral forms shimmer with an otherworldly glow, their swords raised in defense of the amulet. These incorporeal beings engage the adventurers in a harrowing battle, their strikes passing through flesh and bone with chilling effect.

To claim the Amulet of Eternity, the adventurers must overcome the spectral guardians and prove their worthiness. Choose an enemy that best suits your party's level of experience to ensure it provides a challenging encounter, but not insurmountable. A great choice for a low-level party would be Wight or a Banshee from the Monster Manual. For a mid-level party, perhaps a Deathlock Mastermind from Monsters of the Multiverse. For high to epic-level adventurers, a Demilich or Lich is always a great option.

Whoever your chosen guardian is, when it is defeated, the chamber falls silent, save for the pulsating energy of the amulet. As the adventurers grasp its ancient power, they feel a surge of potent magic coursing through their veins. The ruins stand as a testament to a forgotten civilization and the guardians who defended their treasures with unwavering loyalty, now passing the torch to those who have proven themselves worthy.

A few extra twists...

Mirehaven's Curse: A Quest into the Soggygrove Swamp is a captivating quest with an intriguing twist. To enhance the adventure, you can add some additional elements and options for the adventurers. Consider incorporating the following:

  1. Swamp Lore: Introduce an NPC in Mirehaven, such as an old hermit or a knowledgeable town elder, who possesses valuable information about Morvessa the Mire Witch and the dangers of the marshes. This NPC can provide hints, tips, and warnings to the adventurers before they embark on their journey.
  2. Rival Adventurers: To add a competitive edge, introduce a group of rival adventurers also seeking the Verdant Everleaf. They could be from a rival faction, driven by greed or a desire for power. The adventurers must race against this rival group, encountering them throughout the quest and facing off in challenges to determine who will claim the herb.
  3. Mysterious Artifacts: Within Morvessa's lair or the nearby ruins, include additional magical artifacts that the adventurers can discover. These artifacts could possess unique abilities or provide clues to other quests or storylines in the campaign. Obtaining these artifacts could have long-term consequences or rewards for the adventurers.
  4. Morally Ambiguous Choices: Maybe upon returning to Mirehaven with the Verdant Everleaf, the adventurers uncover a collaboration between Sebastian Greycastle and Morvessa. Present them with moral dilemmas. Allow them to interact with other townsfolk who have had dealings with either Sebastian or Morvessa in the past. The adventurers must decide whether to prioritize freeing the town from the effects of the herb, or seizing the opportunity to gain power and wealth for themselves by continuing a relationship with Sebastian and/or Morvessa.
  5. Consequences of Choices: The adventurers' choices throughout the quest should have repercussions. If they side with Sebastian and Morvessa, the town may fall under their control, leading to a grim future for Mirehaven. Alternatively, if the adventurers break the effects of the Verdant Everleaf, the townsfolk may be grateful but face the challenge of rebuilding their lives without the herb's healing properties.
  6. Revealing the Town's Secrets: As the adventurers delve deeper into the quest, uncover more secrets about the town of Mirehaven. Perhaps there are long-standing feuds, hidden alliances, or dark histories waiting to be discovered. These revelations can further immerse the adventurers in the town's atmosphere and provide additional story hooks for future adventures.

I hope you enjoy this homebrewed adventure in Mirehaven and the Soggygrove Swamp! I'd love to hear how it goes in your group, and changes or twists of your own that you added to the adventure! If you'd like to share with the ReinKarnated community, leave a comment below!