The Tundra Horror

A remote outpost, inhabited by archaeological researchers in the Whispering Tundra has gone quiet. Communications are lost and the party is hired to investigate.

Springs of Reflection: The Sovereign Tomb

As the sun rises over the rolling hills of Vastwyn Valley, the tranquil beauty of the landscape belies the mysterious disturbances that have recently plagued the region.

Murder Among the Golden Leaves

In the Elven village of Goldleaf Haven, deep in the Ardent Woods, a beloved woodworker's tragic murder casts a dark shadow over a peaceful community. As whispers of secrets and hidden rivalries echo through the branches, a mystery must be solved before the true culprit escapes justice.

The Great Ombu Summit

In the sprawling, golden pastures of the Wanderlust Plains, two centaur clans, the Ombu and Pampas, prepare for a crucial summit under the shadow of the Great Ombu Tree.

Stormwatch Priory: The Legacy of the Sirensong

Adventurers are called by a secluded Priory of monks to seek out the legendary Trident of Tides even as other, more nefarious treasure hunters seek the same prize.

Uprising in Cachot Keep

After the events in The Menace of Verdant Weald, our adventurers find themselves embroiled in a new crisis.