Wuyun Gate

Wuyun Gate

The Wuyun Gate, a formidable guardian of the southern pass between the Cyrios Mountains and the Ashkeeper Peaks, stands as both the boundary and the gateway between the resolute domain of the Dwendalian Empire and the vibrant realm of the Menagerie Coast.


The Wuyun Gorge, a dry and rugged valley, winds its way through the southern pass connecting the Cyrios Mountains and the Ashkeeper Peaks.

Its defining feature is the formidable Wuyun Gate, which serves as the gateway between the Dwendalian Empire and the Menagerie Coast. This passage is a lifeline of trade, bustling with caravans and travelers year-round. However, lurking dangers are as much a part of this landscape as the travelers themselves. Creatures, ranging from wandering beasts to savage giants and lurking monsters, occasionally descend from the surrounding mountains, posing threats to those on the road

The imposing Wuyun Gate is a structure towering twenty feet in height and fifteen feet in width. This colossal gate swings open to permit passage for travelers entering or departing the empire, a sentinel at the crossroads of trade and travel. Stretching from either side of the gate, towering stone walls rising twenty-five feet provide further defense, seamlessly connecting with the adjacent mountains. Atop these walls, vigilant Crownsguard soldiers patrol ceaselessly, their watchful eyes scanning the horizon while their weapons remain poised for any potential threat. Though initially constructed as a military stronghold to guard against potential incursions by the Clovis Concord, the Wuyun Gate now stands as a pivotal trading post and, when needed, a Righteous Brand outpost, responding swiftly to protect the region from encroaching dangers.

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